RSN Comment in opposition to proposed regulation limiting the right to asylum in the US

RSN joined thousands of others in submitting a comment in opposition to a proposed new regulation on Procedures for Asylum and Withholding of Removal; Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear Review. The proposed regulation includes procedural changes to how asylum cases would be evaluated, as well as to substantive changes to what kinds of claims would be viable. RSN believes that this regulation would cause significant harm to individuals seeking asylum, both in the United States and around the world.

Bridging Refugee Rights in Turkey & Mexico

RSN and partners Sin Fronteras IAP and Refugee Rights Turkey jointly held a series of events in Mexico City in October 2019 aimed at exchanging comparative knowledge on refugee protection in emerging host states. The Turkish and Mexican asylum and migration contexts share many important similarities. The field report highlights a first exchange in ongoing triangular cooperation that explored joint strategies and future collaboration opportunities to address common challenges.

The Potentials of Pro Bono Partnerships in Turkey for Securing Refugees’ Access to Rights

RSN and partner organization RRT engaged in a pilot project with two private law firms in Turkey for the provision of information and counseling for refugees. The pilot afforded the organizations an opportunity to make a number of observations and recommendations on the potential for such pro bono partnerships to help secure refugee protection in Turkey and beyond.

Access to State-Funded Legal Aid Services by Asylum-Seekers and Migrants in Turkey: Challenges and Opportunities

RSN's sister organization, Refugee Rights Turkey, conducted an evaluation of the state-funded legal aid system in Turkey (Adli Yardim) and how it has thus far served the roughly 4 million refugees in the country. The report is released as part of a RSN-RRT project collaboration. RSN and RRT make available the English version in order to share efforts being undertaken to secure access to justice in the world's largest refugee host country.

Pro Bono for refugee protection: A practical guide for pro bono partnerships in emerging refugee host states

In December 2017, RSN published an original report detailing the ways NGOs and legal service-providers in refugee host states can harness the potential of pro bono partnerships to support refugee rights. The report is a first-of-its kind guide for practitioners in host countries lacking an established culture of pro bono.


Detention of Asylum-Seekers in Bulgaria

Over 2017-2018, RSN collaborated with the International Human Rights Clinic at Boston University School of Law and Sofia-based NGO Center for Legal Aid - Voice in Bulgaria to investigate detention practices and conditions.

2017 Bulgaria Field Report

This report details RSN's visit to Bulgaria in winter 2017, and presents our findings regarding the state of refugee actors in the country.


RSN Statement on the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants

In September 2016, as a member of civil society RSN issued a statement regarding the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants.



RSN Annual Report 2019

To learn about the activities and the impact of our work in 2019, view our Annual Report. We thank the individual and institutional supporters that help make our work possible.

RSN Annual Report 2018

2018 was a year of challenges and opportunities. Learn more about RSN's work over the course of the year through our visual report.

RSN Annual Report 2017

RSN’s Annual Report for 2017 is available here, documenting our activities from the year.


RSN Annual Report 2016

RSN had an exciting year over 2016. Learn about our work and the refugees we served in our Annual Report.


Weekly Digest on Rohingya in Bangladesh

As part of its mission to protect and uphold refugee rights, RSN follows forced displacement situations around the world. Among these, RSN follows the plight of the Rohingya community, an ethnic minority persecuted and driven from their home country of Myanmar. Living across South and Southeast Asia, the largest Rohingya population is living in Bangladesh, a developing country that confronts many challenges in hosting a staggering 1 million Rohingya refugees.

Given the complexities involving the global, regional, and national response to what has been described as a genocide, and a rapidly changing context in Bangladesh, RSN and partners identified a need for greater information-sharing among actors in the field. To that end, RSN compiles a weekly developments tracker, focusing primarily on news coming out of Bangladesh, but including regional and international perspectives. An archive of the weekly digests are hosted and linked below in reverse chronological order. If you would like to receive these digests directly to your inbox, please email

Please note: In compiling these digests, RSN has attempted to include the most relevant news of the week concerning Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. From time to time, news beyond Bangladesh or the Rohingya community is included, but RSN does not seek to expand the scope of review. We recognize that some developments may have been overlooked, and that some sources may not be viewed by all as credible or balanced. Inclusion of a news story and its summary does not constitute any kind of endorsement or position taken by RSN, and the text and positions included in the above are solely those of the authors of the respective articles. If you have any comments or feedback, please email

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