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Beyond Refuge: Advancing Legal Protections for Rohingya Communities in Bangladesh

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About the Beyond Refuge Report

Researched and written as part of a multi-year research project with partner Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust (BLAST), this report examines relevant national laws and policies and outlines how they may be applied to improve the current situation of Rohingya refugees (and in some instances of other non-citizen groups).

The objective of the Beyond Refuge report is to support and assist actors working to secure, protect, and realize rights for Rohingya refugees by increasing awareness and knowledge of the national-level legal protections that are available to non-citizens in Bangladesh. By clarifying the applicability of domestic law and legal protections to Rohingya communities in Bangladesh, it is intended that this document will support a range of actors, from members of these communities themselves to frontline workers at the field level and advocates working regionally and internationally, in further developing legal arguments, advocacy, and other strategies to assist and empower Rohingya communities.

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