Refugee Solidarity Network

Our Mission

Refugee Solidarity Network protects the rights of people uprooted from their homes and strengthens the communities where they seek safety. In partnership with advocates and local stakeholders, we develop capacity in refugee host countries outside the U.S. and advance legal frameworks that uphold human rights. We believe the complexity of forced migration requires a flexible, collaborative response focused on achieving sustainable solutions.

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We thank all who participated in our #Walk4AllRefugees challenge! 🌎 Reflecting on our own ancestral journeys–whether immigrant, migrant, or refugee-this #WorldRefugeeDay, let’s embrace the stories connecting us with individuals still on the journey of writing their own.

Fellow walkathon participants: don’t forget to submit the miles you’ve completed! 🎉 If you haven’t finished, don't worry, there’s still time! ⏰ Get those steps in and keep going! Don’t forget to DM us some pictures of you on Instagram @refsolntwrk #Walk4AllRefugees

Though being 3rd gender, or “hijra”, is recognized in many South Asian societies, Tanya was deemed an outcast by fellow Rohingya refugees. To counter the public’s taunts, she finds solace & respect in her career as the well-renowned community beautician.🔗

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