Refugee Solidarity Network

Our Mission

Refugee Solidarity Network protects the rights of people uprooted from their homes and strengthens the communities where they seek safety. In partnership with advocates and local stakeholders, we develop capacity in refugee host countries outside the U.S. and advance legal frameworks that uphold human rights. We believe the complexity of forced migration requires a flexible, collaborative response focused on achieving sustainable solutions.

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In the spirit of #IWD last week, see this article on #Rohingya refugee women taking on key roles -- from elected community reps, to teachers and even road builders and firefighters -- in Bangladesh. #IWD2019 #Empowerment

As resettlement sadly becomes near to impossible for most #refugees -- less than 5% of global #resettlement needs were met last year, according to @Refugees -- it is more important than ever to develop capacity of national actors in major host states.

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