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Refugee Solidarity Network protects the rights of people uprooted from their homes and strengthens the communities where they seek safety. In partnership with advocates and local stakeholders, we develop capacity in refugee host countries outside the U.S. and advance legal frameworks that uphold human rights. We believe the complexity of forced migration requires a flexible, collaborative response focused on achieving sustainable solutions.

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The #Rohingya people's generations-long struggles told from the perspective of one teacher: Provides critical insight into the persecution that has driven millions to seek safety across South and SE Asia. Incredible reporting by @satopol in @NYTmag

Many developing countries limit refugees' right to work. Often the discussion on private sector's role w/refugees ignores this reality & efforts target Global North. Great to see @TentOrg is engaging employers in key host states like Bangladesh, Malaysia

Powerful account of one Rohingya refugee's life and journey seeking safety in SE Asia and eventually Australia. First, They Erased Our Name: A Rohingya Speaks, by Habiburahman #RefugeeVoices

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