Refugee Solidarity Network

Our Mission

Refugee Solidarity Network protects the rights of people uprooted from their homes and strengthens the communities where they seek safety. In partnership with advocates and local stakeholders, we develop capacity in refugee host countries outside the U.S. and advance legal frameworks that uphold human rights. We believe the complexity of forced migration requires a flexible, collaborative response focused on achieving sustainable solutions.

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Great to have some powerful #Rohingya voices speaking to this packed room to kick off @FreeRoCoalition conference @AdvRaziaSultana @Ukht_Yasin and @tunkhin80

Here at Day 2 of @FreeRoCoalition's #BurmaConference on accountability in Myanmar. Speakers are exploring topics such as transnational solidarity for #Rohingya people, and the way historical narratives can be used to justify persecution.

Helen Zughbi’s artwork raises awareness & inspires us to see the reoccurring phenomenon of human migration throughout history. She challenges viewers to confront bias, change perspective and to help us connect to issues in new ways. Check out her work:

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