Refugee Solidarity Network

July 20 – July 26, 2020

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In the region:
• On July 22, a Malaysian court set aside a caning sentences of 27 men who had been convicted of entering Malaysia by boat without a permit, determining the punishment would be inhumane as the men were refugees.
• On July 25 there were reports that 24 Rohingya refugees who attempted to swim to Malaysia from their boat were missing and feared to have drowned. On July 27, they were found, alive and hiding on a nearby island.
Camp conditions:
• Two new COVID isolation centres opened in the camps this week, one provided by MSF and one by Qatar Red Crescent Society.
International Support:
• The German government has contributed USD $4.5 million in funding to the UN World Food Programme to support the Rohingya community in Bangladesh.
• The Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated a $3 million grant to three national NGOs and two international NGOs working on the Rohingya humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh.


RSN follows the plight of the Rohingya community, an ethnic minority driven from their home country of Myanmar to a number of countries, most principally Bangladesh. RSN compiles a weekly developments tracker (or “digest report”), focusing primarily on news coming out of Bangladesh, but including regional and international perspectives. Highlights of each week are featured here and linked in more detail in the full digest report. If you would like to receive these digest reports directly to your inbox, please email [email protected].

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