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July 13 – July 19, 2020

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Camp Conditions:
• The Cox’s Bazar refugee camps have been spared the worst of the recent flooding in Bangladesh, but heavy monsoon rains have damaged shelters and increased the possibility of landslides as the camps are built on steep hillsides. Refugees in the camps describe a ‘crisis for dry space’, with wet mud encroaching into shelters leaving no dry areas to sleep.
High-level statements:
• Malaysia has said that it will not send the 300 Rohingya that arrived by boat in June back out to sea. Instead, there will be an investigation into whether they need international protection, and if so, they will be allowed temporary stay in Malaysia until they can be relocated.
• The UK said in its newly-published 2019 Human Rights & Democracy report that Bangladesh continues to play a vital role in hosting Rohingya refugees, but that there was no improvement in the overall human rights situation in Bangladesh in 2019.
International Support:
• ActionAid Bangladesh has provided Tk30 lakh worth of medical equipment, including PPE, masks and hand sanitizer, to eight isolation centres in Cox’s Bazar.
• The UK government matched £5 million of public donations made toward the Disaster Emergency Committee’s coronavirus appeal to help the more vulnerable countries and communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
• The EU has allocated 35,000 euros in humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees who were rescued recently and allowed to land in Aceh, Indonesia.
• The Big Heart Foundation has announced the allocation of US $500,000 to boost healthcare capacities in sites hosting refugee and internally displaced people in five countries, including Bangladesh.


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