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August 24 – August 30, 2020

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• August 25 marked the 3rd anniversary of the flight of 740,000 Rohingya from Myanmar to Bangladesh in 2017. Many NGOs, states, and other entities made statements on the anniversary calling for support, accountability and repatriation.
Camp conditions:
• 3G and 4G internet has been restored to the Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar as of August 28, after nearly a year of internet restrictions.
• The Rohingyas arranged the silent protest to commemorate the third anniversary of the day hundreds of thousands of them fled their homeland in Myanmar

International Support:
• The United Arab Emirates has announced an assistance package for UNHCR to support an aid shipment to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, following recent floods that struck the camp.


RSN follows the plight of the Rohingya community, an ethnic minority driven from their home country of Myanmar to a number of countries, most principally Bangladesh. RSN compiles a weekly developments tracker (or “digest report”), focusing primarily on news coming out of Bangladesh, but including regional and international perspectives. Highlights of each week are featured here and linked in more detail in the full digest report. If you would like to receive these digest reports directly to your inbox, please email [email protected].

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