We urge lawmakers to end Remain in Mexico policy

November 18, 2019

This past week, we joined 119 civil society organizations and 122 academics in urging Congress to #SaveAsylum and end the Remain in Mexico Program (known as the Migrant Protection Protocols). We are concerned that such policies violate the US’s commitment to a number of international agreements, including the 1951 Refugee Convention, as well as U.S. asylum law. The policy adds pressure to Mexico, which is already struggling to host a huge increase in asylum-seekers and migrants, in part due to other U.S. policies. The security situation in Mexico is precarious, leaving the asylum-seekers affected by this policy vulnerable to extortion, kidnapping and assault. Alongside allies and partners we call for lawmakers to take action in combatting and ending this policy.


See the final letter:

2019-11-18 FINAL Letter to Congress End Remain in Mexico

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